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A Study on Environmental Compliance of Indian Leather Industry & its Far-reaching Impact on Leather Exports Chandan Roy Department of Economics, Kaliyaganj College Kaliyaganj, Uttar Dinajpur- 733134 West Bengal, India Contact Number: 9932395130 Email : A preliminary version of this paper was presented in a UGC Sponsored National Seminar, namely “Environmental Audit” organized by the Department of Commerce, Kaliyaganj College, West Bengal, during 22-23 March, 2012. Abstract Indian Leather industry is recognized as one of the most promising foreign exchange earning sectors since early ’70s of the previous century. The industry was hard hit by two consecutive foreign environment-bans since 1989. Along with that, few domestic environmental regulations also resulted into closure down of a number of leather tanneries in this period. However, the government intervention and the successive compliance measures adopted by the firms ultimately helped…

Right to Education : An Accelerator of Social Transformation and Economic Development