Department of Economics
Kaliyaganj College
Kaliyaganj, Uttar Dinajpur-733134
West Bengal, India.
Tel : 03523-258030 (office), 09932395130 (mobile)

Date of Birth: 7th June, 1970
Nationality:  Indian

  • B.Sc. (Economics) in 1992 from Ramakrishna Mission Residential College, Narendrapur, Calcutta University.
  • M.Sc. (Economics) in 1994 from Calcutta University.
  • UGC-NET Qualified in 1998.
  • M.Phil. (Economics) in 2000 from Jadavpur University, Title of Dissertation- A Study on the Prospects of Indian Leather Exports, Supervisor: Dr. Rajat Acharyya
  • Ph.D. (Economics) in 2016 from North Bengal University, Title of Thesis – The Artisanal Silk Industry of West Bengal - A Study of History, Performance and Current Problems, Supervisor: Dr. Sanchari Roy Mukherjee.

Current Position

Assistant Professor in Economics (since 2001) & Head of the Department, Department of Economics (since 2004)

Previous Position

Worked as Part-time Lecturer in Economics at Netaji Nagar Day College, Kolkata during 1999-2001.

Worked as Part-time Lecturer in Economics at Haldia Government College, West Bengal during 2000-2001.

Worked as Part-time Lecturer in Economics at Ramakrishna Mission Residential College, Narendrapur during 1995-1998.

Worked as a Full-time Research Associate in Business Economics (a Calcutta based weekly tabloid) during 1996-97.

Administrative Position held
  • Co-ordinator NAAC Steering Committee (2007, 2014).
  • Co-ordinator of Vocational Education & Training under WBCVE&T (since 2012).
  • Co-ordinator of Coaching Classes for Entry in Services for SC, ST & Minorities, UGC sponsored courses (since 2012)
  • Teachers representative in Governing Body, Kaliyaganj College (2010-2014)
  • Member, Board of Studies, Gour Banga University (2010-13)


Managing editor of Special Issue of Indian Journal of Social & Natural Sciences (ISSN-2277-6117)

Area of Specialization

Primary Field: International Trade, Human Development
Secondary Field: Education, Inequality & Poverty

Teaching Areas

Microeconomics, International Trade, Development Economics

Research Publication

A. Edited Book

Right to Education – An Accelerator of Social Transformation & Economic Development (Co-edited with Jiten Barman), New Academic Publisher, 2013

B.  Journal Publication

1. “Sericulture as an Employment Generating Household Industry in West Bengal : A Study of Its Current Problems & Prospects” (Co-authored with Sanchari Roy Mukherjee and Santanu Ghosh), Arthabekhshan (ISSN 0972-1185), Vol. 21 No.3, December 2012.
2.  “A Study on Environmental Compliance of Indian Leather Industry & Its Far Reaching Impact on Leather Exports”, Foreign Trade Review (ISSN 0971-7633), Vol XLVII.No.2, July-Sept, 2012.
3.  “Child Labour & Inclusive Education in Backward Districts in IndiaInternational Journal of Education (ISSN 1984-5476), Vol4.No.4, 2012.
4.   “Child Rights & Child Development in IndiaIndian Journal of Regional Science(ISSN 0046-9017),Vol. XXXXV.No.2,2013.
5.  “Status and Empowerment of Women Workers in Sericulture of West Bengal : A Socio- Economic Analysis”(in Bengali & Co-authored with Sanchari Roy Mukherjee), Arthabisleshon (ISSN 2321-1903), Vol.2, No.2, 2014.
6.  “A Study on Artisanal Silk Industry of West Bengal” Indian Journal of Social & Natural Sciences (ISSN 2277-6117) (forthcoming)
7.  “Globalisation and Inclusive Development in Indian Silk Industry” Journal of the Regional Economic Studies (ISSN: 2319-2542)(forthcoming)

C. Contribution in Edited Volume

1. “Value Education in Higher Education Institute : A Pre-condition for Sustainable Development”. In M. Kundu & J. Bhattacharya, ed, Philosophy of Values & Present Crisis (ISBN:81-8282-187-8),SPB,Kolkata,2012,p.149-156.

2.  “A Study on Dropout Problem of Primary Education in Uttar Dinajpur District, West     Bengal”. In C. Roy & J. Barman, ed, Right to Education: An Accelerator of Social Transformation & Economic Development(ISBN 978-81-86772-54-6), NAP, New Delhi, 2013, p.102-114.

3. “Arthosamajik Prekhhite Rabindranath-r Shikhshadarshan”(Socio-Economic Perspective of Tagore’s Philosophy of Education). In D. Bhowmick & A.Pal, ed, Shikshabroti Rabindranath: Darshan O Bhasabhabna (ISBN: 978-81-7572-348-1),Granthtirtho,2013, p.102-109.

4.    “An Expository Analysis on Environmental Compliance of Indian Leather Industry”. In B.B.Sen, I.U.Khan and M.Baidya, ed, A Review of Environmental Audit (ISBN:978-81-86722-58-4), New Academic Publishers, 2013, p.78-99.

5.    “Child Rights & Child Development in India”, In P.K.Barman and A, Rajak, ed, Human Rights in India: Problems & Prospects (ISBN:978-81-86772-59-1)NAP, New Delhi, 2013, p.87-100.

6.   “A Tale of Two Backward Districts of West Bengal”. In  K.Das, ed, Inclusive Education in India (ISBN: 978-81-8429-097-4), The Associated Publisher, Haryana, 2013, p.119-144.

7.     “Economic Backwardness of Uttar Dinajpur : A Block Level Analysis”, In D.C. Roy, ed, Economy of North Bengal(ISBN:97-818-6860-59-5)2013,p.484-501.

8.   “Reshom Utpadoner Arthonoitik Itihaas O Banglar Orthoniti”( History of Silk Production & Bengal’s Economy). In M. Chattyopadhhyay, ed, Itihaas Onusondhaan-28 (ISBN: 978-81-9108-744-4)Jan 2014, p. 345-351.

9.     “Inclusive Development in Sericulture through Female Empowerment: A Case Study in Malda District, West Bengal”, In G. Sharma Ghimirey, ed, Inclusion of impoverished in India (forthcoming).
D.   Other Publication

1.   ‘Bengal Pharma Companies: Coming of Age’, West Bengal Pharma Preview, An Express Pulse Special Feature, Indian Express Group, June 20, 1996.
2.    ‘India seeks to consolidate its position in herbals’, Express Pharma Pulse, June 25, 1996.
3.    ‘AMRI: Providing Special Healthcare for Calcutta’, Express Pharma Pulse, July 18, 1996.
4.    ‘Do they take more than they give?’, Business Economics, Oct 14-20, 1996.
5.    ‘Beefing up our tottering infrastructure’, Business Economics, Oct 28-Nov3, 1996.
6.     ‘A New Indication of Change in International Trade: Cancun Summit’, Archi, 2004, p.20-24.
7.     ‘Imbalanced Solution of Agro Issues at Hong Kong Ministerial Meet 2006’, Archi, 2005, p.1-4.
8.     ‘Problems and Prospects of BPO with special reference to US and India’, Seminar Proceedings, Orientation Programme-63, University of Calcutta, p. 199-201.
9.    ‘Performance Appraisal in Affiliated Colleges with special reference to NAAC Rating’, Seminar Proceedings, UGC sponsored seminar on ‘Performance Appraisal’ organized by Kaliyaganj College, March 22-23, 2005.

E.    Abstract Publication

1.     ‘Situational Analysis of Women Workers in Sericulture : A Study of Current Trends & Prospects in West Bengal’, Summaries of the Conference Papers, 53rd Annual Conference 17-19 December, 2011, Indian Society of Labour Economics, p.170.
2.    ‘Sericulture : An Employment Generating Small Scale Industry in West Bengal’, Abstract of 32nd BEA Conference, 2012,Artha Beekhshan, Vol 20. No.4, 2012, p.128-129.


1.   Dr. Rajat Acharyya
         Dean of Arts & Professor, Department of Economics
         Jadavpur University

2.    Dr.  Sanchari Roy Mukherjee
         Professor, Department of Economics
         North Bengal University
         Darjeeling, West Bengal.

3.     Dr. Santanu Ghosh
         Professor, Department of Economics
         Maulana Azad College


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